Understanding. Help. Support.

We provide a safe place for parents and child caregivers to seek information, receive help, gain support, and learn new skills.

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Our programs include:

Counseling — For parents, guardians and families who are impacted by the complex issues that surround child abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault

Support Groups — Visit our support group page for more information about groups and schedules

Healthy Families Livingston — Provides new parents with a family support worker and educational programs that foster healthy families

Capable Kids — For parents of infants and toddlers learn what responses have the greatest benefit for their child during developmental stages from birth to age 4

Nurturing Parenting Classes — Supportive group for parents of young children — age newborn to 11 years old — to learn effective parenting skills

Creating Lasting Family Connections – Parents of teenagers join together for an 8-week workshop to improve family relationships and reinforce positive changes

Fathers Only Parenting Classes — For fathers, step fathers and male caregivers who want to learn skills and nurture connections with their children and families

Circle of Parents (Men only) — Support group for fathers, step fathers and male caregivers to share concerns and ideas about parenting