Care. Compassion. Respect.

Our Sexual Assault Response Center provides immediate support and compassionate care for victims of a sexual assault or rape. All services are free of charge.

If you--or someone you know--has been sexually assaulted, you may call our 24/7 Help Line first, not the police, at 866-522-2725.

Legally speaking, you have 120 hours following an assault to undergo a forensic examination. You can, however, have an examination past that deadline.

Unlike a public hospital emergency room, LACASA provides a calm, private and confidential setting for sexual assault victims and their families or friends.

All of our services for sexual assault victims and survivors are provided at no charge. We do not involve your health insurance provider, as most hospitals do.

On-Call Response Team 

If you do call the police following a sexual assault, you may request that they notify our On-Call Response Team. We will provide immediate advocacy and support.

Sexual Assault Response Center

Our private examination facility is equipped with highly advanced forensic evidence-gathering technology.

The LACASA staff empower survivors to make choices regarding every aspect of their care.

Nurse Examiners 

Our Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) provide exams in a compassionate and confidential setting.


We offer free counseling programs for victims, survivors and their families.

Support Groups 

Survivors find a safe place to express their feelings and explore ways to heal from their experience in our support groups.

Legal Advocacy

We will assist you with the legal process.